• Since 02/2021Zeit Online

    • zeit.de Zeit digital

      • As member of the platform team, I'm enabling smooth operations every day

  • Since 05/2020analyse & kritik

    Monthly newspaper for left-wing debates and practices.

    • akweb.de a.k.i Verlag

      • Information architecture, technical conception and development of the Wordpress theme

      • Tools for a web-first newspaper print production workflow, aswell as the newspaper distribution

      • Concept & development of digital subscribtions

  • Since 02/2018Freelance

    • Seebrücke Mensch Mensch Mensch e.V.

      Seebrücke is an international movement against the fortress europe which declares solidarity with people who had to flee their homes.

      • 2018 - 2020: Development of a Wordpress theme

      • since 2020: Development and maintenance of a headless CMS and the next.js frontend

      • Joint Information architecture workshops

      • Further development of the design with Figma, maintenance and support of the website over several years

    • Mietenwatch Prototype Fund

      A data analysis of the Berlin rental market, its dynamics and ownership conditions

      • Data visualizations, based on Plotly.js

      • Website maintenance and information architecture

    • Companjon Edenspiekermann, Boston Consulting Group

      Companjon provides a safety net that offers insurance add-on solutions for online bookings and purchases.

      • Frontend-Development of the landing page based on Gatsby and Tailwind.css

  • 07/201812/2019Zoff

    A collective for visual communication, co-founded by me in 2018.

    • Eigensinn im Bruderland TU Berlin, Out of focus

      A web documentary about migrants who came to the GDR as contract workers, students or political emigrants asserting their own ideas.


      Grimme Online Award 2020 (Knowledge & Education)

    • Europe's Far Right taz

      A transnational research project by Libération, Falter, Gazeta Wyborcza, HVG and Internazionale on Europe's Far Right parties.

      • Joint visual storytelling workshops

      • Development of the WYSIWYG editor, based on Slate and React

    • Coal Transitions CoalExit, TU Berlin

      Coal Transitions is an international research hub which aims to collect credible and feasible trajectories and policy guidance for deep transitions in the coal sector.

    • 8 Questions on 8 March Council of Europe (Istanbul Convention)

      A quiz aiming to counter the devastating effects of gender-based violence has on women’s lives and to help states prevent, protect and prosecute these crimes.

  • 02/201807/2018Edenspiekermann

    An independent global creative agency.

    • Helios Fresenius Helios

      Fresenius Helios is one of the largest and most medically-advanced operators of both in- and outpatient care in Europe.

      • Development of the design system and component library, used by more than 600 hospitals and several product teams

    • Globus Globus

      Globus is a Swiss department store company, with 13 department stores in Switzerland.

      • Development of an interactive prototype (based on React), used to improve communication between development teams and designers in different countries, aswell as experimentation with different layouts.

    • Amtliche Nachrichten AZ Anzeiger AG

      Publishing platform for Swiss Gemeinden, funded by the Google DNI together with AZ Medien, one of the leading media companies in Switzerland, and Lovely Systems.

      • Development of a design system/ pattern library

      • Development of an admin interface for publishing Amtliche Nachrichten across all Swiss municipalities, aswell as a public portal, displaying already published articles

  • 2017The Guardian

    The Guardian is a British daily newspaper

    • theguardian.com

      • Developing a new rendering tier

      • Leading developer for the migration of ES5 to ES6

      • Replacement of the gulp build pipeline

      • Various small projects to measure and improve the developer experience in the company

  • 20152017about:source

    • Campact Campact

      Campact is a movement, in which more than 2 million people argue for progressive politics.

      • Development of a design system used in various microservices

      • Internal workshops on modern frontend development

    • Pro Asyl

      PRO ASYL is Germany's largest pro immigration advocacy organization.

  • 20142017jib collective

    A self-organized collective of young, committed journalists and multimedia storytellers.

    • Ostpol n-ost

      Magazine for eastern-europe

      • Development of a static prototype in cooperation with Mathias Kölling

      • Several years of technical support

    • Migration Control taz

      Data visualization and interactive documentary explaining how the EU finances migration defense measures on the african continent.


      Otto Brenner Media Project Award for critical journalism, 2018

      • Development of the client application with Backbone.js

      • Cooperation with Ça ira! and taz

    • The Silence of the Lambs Greenpeace Magazine

      Multimedia scroll-documentary on uranium mining in Mongolia.


      Hansel Mieth Award Digital, Shortlist, 2015 & 2016

      n-ost Feature Award, Shortlist, 2016

      • Conception of the narrative

      • Development of the layout and frontend

    • Tabacco Country Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

      Multimedia Reportage in cooperation with the Fluter magazine


      Nominated for the German Reporterpreis, 2016

      • Conception, Layout & Implementation

  • 20112015WIENFLUSS

    The leading agency in the area of web-accessibility in Austria.

    • Wien.info Wientourismus

      Official Tourism-Website of Vienna in 13 languages

      • Frontend Development, UX & Template Development

      • Conception & development of cross-media and interactive concepts for various campaigns

    • European Energy Award European Energy Award

      Tool of the European Energy- and Climate-protection municipalities; used Europe-wide by thousands of municipalities, to reduce their ecological footprint

      • Information Architecture

      • Development of a JS-Framework & Templating

    • Österreichische Nationalbank Österreichische Nationalbank

      Website of the Austrian National Bank

      • Development of templates, used in the intranet & internet

      • JavaScript code quality and performance optimization & accessibility consulting

    • Bundeskanzleramt Bundeskanzleramt

      Webseite Austrian Federal Chancellery

      • Information architecture, Static prototype

      • Accessibility consulting

  • 20092010Miranus GmbH

    • Xobor

      Worlds leading bulletin-board hoster with more than 4 million users

      • Search-Engine-Optimization

      • Templating (B2C & B2B)

      • Customer-Support


Since 2013 I have been helping to organise beyond tellerrand in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich each year and SmashingConf in Freiburg. In 2018 and 2019 I also started to support the wonderful people of the React Day in Berlin.


20122013 Photojournalism & documentary photographyUniversity of Hannover

20092010 History & SociologyUniversity of Potsdam

20082009 Computer sciencesFree University of Berlin