Hi! My name is Gustav.

I am a frontend engineer living in Berlin and enjoy collaborating with diverse minded people in agile projects which are focusing on the user. I am especially interested in the intersection of social change, sustainable technology and the question how software can play a role in these processes. Therefore, I have been working in cross-functional teams for several years, especially in the context of editorial-journalistic work and social movements.

At the moment I spend most of my time with Zoff, a collective I co-founded in 2018. Before that I had the opportunity to work with brilliant people at edenspiekermann, the guardian, about:source and the jib collective.


I'm not working for you

Instead, I am much more interested in what happens when we throw our different ideas and perspectives together to see what we can create together. Mutual trust and working at eye level are very important to me.

I don't have answers

Even though I've been working as a developer for several years now, I'm still often surprised. So I would like to put curiosity in the center of our joint work and instead ask questions together to answer them.

It's about people

I do not build machines, but work for and with people. Ordinary people, as Mike Monteiro says. People whose lives are often difficult enough that they don't need another complex user interface in front of them. The products we build should learn from people and help them understand the world and themselves better - or just solve tasks quickly to have time for the nice things.